Searching for a record of consent

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Unified Consent allows you to view a log of user consents for a particular configuration/Preference Hub. This data can help you verify that consents are being collected or verify the consents of an individual user as needed.


Searching for a Consent

Using a Unified Consent ID or a user email address, you can search for a particular user's consent logs over a period of time. This data is hashed and anonymized to protect user privacy.


  1. Navigate to the configuration that is attached to the Preference Hub where the consent was collected.
  2. Navigate to the Consent Search tab and click the search icon.
  3. Search for a specific consent record using the Unified Consent ID (identifier) or the user's email address, if verified in the system. 

Additionally, you may filter the consents by location and/or date and update the sort of the page via the additional search settings.