Enabling an integration

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In order to update downstream systems with Unified Consent data, you will need to enable an integration. For more information about what out of the box integrations are currently supported, please see the Supported Integrations article.


Add and authenticate an integration

Before an integration can be added to a configuration, you must first authenticate it. 

  1. From the lefthand navigation, select Integrations.
  2. Click the '+' button to create a new integration.
  3. From the modal, select the integration you wish to connect to.
  4. Next, provide a name and description for your integration.
  5. Depending on the integration you chose, you will now either need to provide an API key from the vendor or authenticate via Oauth. Please note that in order to authenticate and send data to a downstream integration, your account will require the proper scopes listed above.

  6. Click Save. 

Your integration is now ready to be used and will be available for selection in the configuration.


Add an integration to a Preference Hub configuration

Once your integration is authenticated, it can be added to configurations via the Privacy Protocol settings.

  1. From within the configuration, click 'Privacy Protocols'.
  2. Click the pencil icon of the Privacy Protocol you wish to add an integration to.
  3. From the modal, select the pre-authenticated Integration you wish to connect to this protocol.


  4. Next, select the operation. 
    • Note: The available operations will depend on the integration itself. Check the Supported Integrations documentation to see what all operations are available per integration.
  5. Another dropdown will appear where you can select the appropriate subscription list to update. This field will populate based on data in the vendor account you have connected to and cannot be changed. 
  6. Click Save.
  7. Publish your configuration and the integration will now be live.

Once an integration is added and the configuration is published, consent and preference updates made on your Preference Hub will be batched and synced in bulk downstream to the integration vendor every 5 minutes.