Data Discovery Field Classifications

Understand the categories used to classify the fields identified when scanning your data providers.


Analytics or statistical data gathered about a user, usage, activity, etc. Example: Average page views. 

Beliefs and Groups

Example: Factors specific to the cultural/social/mental identity of that natural person, philosophical beliefs, political opinions, religious beliefs, union membership

Biometric Data

Example: Photograph where an individual is identifiable.


Example: Confidential or restricted business or corporate information. 

Criminal Data

Example: Tax Evasion, Criminal Record. 


Example: Age, Date of Birth, Ethnic Group, Ethnicity, Gender, Income, Language, Race, Sexual Orientation

Device ID

Example: Personal or work device ID.


Example: American Bankers Cusip Id, Bank Names, Credit Card Number, credit card number, security or access code, Credit Card Track Number, debit card, Iban Code, Magstripe Track, Personal Finance Terms, e.g. (Line of Credit), RIAs list, e.g., "Charles Schwab," Swift Code, Us Bank Routing Micr, US GAAP financial statement keywords.

General Location

Example:  Country, Location

Genetic Data

Example: State genetic test, factors specific to the genetic identity of that natural person.

Government ID

Example: Insurance Number, Passport, Residency Number, Social Security Number, Tax Number, Us Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number, Us Drivers License Number, Us Employer Identification Number, Us Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, Us Passport, Us Preparer Taxpayer Identification Number, Us Social Security Number, Us Vehicle Identification Number, Vehicle Identification Number


Example: Any data used or intended to be used to locate a consumer within a 1,850-foot radius

Health Data

Example: Diagnoses, Fda Code, ICD-10 codes, Icd10 Code, Icd9 Code, Medical Term, Medical Test Results, Personal Health Info, e.g., claim number, Sex Life, Treatment information, Us Dea Number, US FSA Drug Names, Us Healthcare Npi, Worldwide Hospital Names.

Mailing Address

Example: Home Address, Street Address


Example: Female Name, First Name, Full Name, Name, Last Name, Male Name, Given name.


Does not apply to any of the other categories in this list. 

Not User Data

Example: Domain Name, Organization Name, Storage Signed Policy Document, Storage Signed Url. 

Online ID

Example: Account ID, Advertising Id, Advertising Identifier, Cookie ID, email, Email Address, Generic Id, Identification Number, Imei Hardware Id, Internal ID (e.g., Cognito ID), IP, Ip Address, Mac Address, Mac Address Local, username. 

Other Personal Data

Example: Favorite color, Name of a first childhood pet, Make and Model of first car.

Phone Number 

Example: Mobile Number, Phone Number, Us Tollfree 

Physical Appearance

Example: Weight, Tattoos, Factors specific to the physical identity of that natural person.

Place of Birth

Example: Country of Birth.


Example: Auth Tokens, Encryption Keys, API Keys, Web Tokens, HTTP Cookies, XSRF Token