Legacy Browser Support

Legacy Browser Support

The Legacy Browser Support Toggle is located in the Settings tab of your configurations. 


When turned ON, Osano will generate an osano.js that supports legacy browsers (see below for a list of legacy browsers) and modern browsers. This results in a larger payload and potentially reduced performance. 

When turned OFF, Osano will generate an osano.js that does NOT support legacy browsers but will support all modern browsers. In this case, the payload size is reduced, and performance can potentially be improved. If a user were to visit your site from a legacy browser, they would not see the consent manager. IMPORTANT: This may also affect certain scripts or vendors that utilize polyfills. 

Many customers choose to disable legacy browser support unless legacy browser support is explicitly required.


Please be sure to TEST these new changes in a pre-production environment if possible when publishing a new version of the Osano script. 

The Legacy Browser toggle is flipped ON by default for all configurations that were created before March 31, 2021. If you DO NOT want to support legacy browsers to utilize the smaller payload, you will need to disable this feature and republish your configuration(s). 

The toggle will be flipped OFF by default for all configurations created after March 31, 2021.

Legacy Browsers supported by Osano (as of 3/2021)

  • Android 2.1-4.4.4
  • Chrome 4-60
  • Edge 12-15
  • Firefox 2-59
  • IE 11 6-11
  • Safari on iOS 3.2-10.2
  • Opera 9-47
  • Safari 3.1-10
  • Samsung Internet 4-7.4

Modern Browsers supported by Osano (as of 3/2021)

  • Android 81 and newer
  • Chrome 61 and newer
  • Edge 16 and newer
  • Firefox 60 and newer
  • Safari on iOS 10.3 and newer
  • Opera 48 and newer
  • Safari 10.1 and newer
  • Samsung Internet 8.2 and newer