Managing Data Elements

Data Elements

Data Elements are pieces of information, usually personal information, that are frequently interacted with during data subject requests. Each can be assigned to one or more Datasources that contain these elements. Ex. First Name, Last Name, Address, Email, etc. 

Managing Data Elements

Navigate to "Data Elements" in the "Data Subject Request" menu. Click the green "+" and fill in the following fields: 

  • Name - Easily Identifiable Data Element Name (ex. First Name)
  • Description - Description of what this Data Element is used for (ex. the First Name associated with contact)
  • Notify Customer (Switch) - Do you wish to notify the customer of this field's inclusion when the DSAR is completed, and the customer receives their verification of completion email?

From the "Data Elements" menu, you can make real-time changes to any of the previously created elements. Once the data elements are created, you can associate them with Datasources to make DSAR assignments more descriptive and intuitive. Visit Managing Datasources for more information.