Managing Datasources


What is a Datasource?

In Osano, a Datasource is any location in which customer data is stored. Datasources can be CRMs, backend Databases, Excel Spreadsheets, etc. When Customer Data Requests are received, they must be assigned to all relevant Datasources. Once assigned, the Datasource owners can complete the requests and communicate completion back to the subject. 

Managing Datasources

To create new Datasources, navigate to "Datasources" in the "Data Subject Request" menu. Click the green "+" and fill in the following fields: 

  • Name - Easily Identifiable Datasource Name
  • Description - Description of what this Datasource is used for and what type of information can be found there. (Ex. CRM where we store all customer data for business unit X).
  • Owner(s) - The owner(s) of this Datasource. The individual(s) responsible for completing tasks assigned to this Datasource. 

**Note: All Datasource owners MUST be users in Osano in order to be assigned to a Datasource.**

Once you have filled in the appropriate fields, click "Save". You will now see this entry in your list of Datasources and new requests can now be assigned to this Datasource. 

Data Elements

After a Datasource is created, you can assign it default Data Elements (See "Managing Data Elements" for more details). 

Simply click into the previously created Datasource. In "Datasource Details" add specific elements by typing into the "Data Elements" bar at the bottom of the page. Select all relevant entries. These elements will then be associated with this Datasource and any future data subject requests. (See "Datasource Action Items" for more details.")

Note: If you don't immediately see a desired data element in the dropdown list, begin typing desired element ex. name and the element should appear for selection. 

Note: All datasources MUST have one or more datasource owners in order to be modified.