Measuring Consent Views

Depending upon your tier of service with Osano, you may have limits on monthly consent views. A consent view is calculated as a single visitor requesting the Osano CMP library from one of our servers per 24 hour period. Thus a visitor who views your website every day for 10 days will be calculated as 10 consent views.

Consent views are calculated irrespective of whether a new consent dialog is displayed end-user.

A back-of-the-napkin method for calculating your necessary monthly consent views is to look at your website analytics and calculate the average daily unique visitors and multiply that by 30. So if you have an average of 1,500 unique visitors per day, you would need a plan that includes at least 45,000 monthly consent views.

If you are on a Basic plan, the caps on consent views are hard caps, meaning that after your cap is reached, Osano will stop serving the library until the next month begins. You will receive a notification as you approach your cap, providing you with the opportunity to upgrade to a paid plan. In the event that Osano stops serving the library, your website will not be impacted and no errors will display to your users, but you will no longer be collecting consent, nor will consents be recorded in the Osano ledger, this will materially impact your compliance with data privacy laws.

If you are on a paid plan, the consent view cap is a soft cap, meaning that you will be permitted to occasionally exceed your allotted views within reason. Continuous or excessive consent views above your tier limit will result in overage charges at the rate of $10 per 1,000 consent views. If you regularly exceed your allocated consent views, an Osano sales rep will contact you to discuss a more appropriate plan.