Missing Products

How to request a product or vendor for scoring.

Osano monitors many thousands of products belonging to thousands of vendors, but new products are constantly being introduced, so you will likely encounter a product that you would like to monitor but which Osano has not yet added to our tracking.

Don't worry!

Just open a support ticket telling Osano the vendor, product, and URL to that product on the web, our attorneys will review it and add it to the system!

Support Chat

Similarly, if you are aware of M&A activity surrounding a product (e.g. this product has been sold to a new vendor) please let us know. Although Osano's team follows M&A activity and makes best efforts to update vendor->product relationships accordingly, you may discover the activity before our team does.

The entire Osano product gets better for everybody when we work together as a community of privacy-conscious individuals, identifying any inaccuracies or missing items in the system.