Osano CMP Function Documentation

Below is a general list of the functionalities contained within the Osano.js. Note that this list is subject to change as adjustments are made to the Osano code. 
  • Configuration Settings
  • CMP Features Enabled/Disabled
  • Inline Stylesheet
  • General Script/Cookie/iFrame Identification Functionality 
  • General Script/Cookie/iFrame Blocking Functionality
  • Various Browser and Functionality Checks 
    • IE 11-Specific Browser Support Features


  • General Banner/Drawer Behaviors  
    • Auto-Geolocation Settings (Variant)
    • Auto-Translation Settings (Language)


  • API Accessible Functionality 
  • Embedded Text and Messaging: Labels and Descriptions
  • iFrame Rule Sets
  • Cookie Rule Sets
    • Cookie Disclosure Text


  • Script Rule Sets
  • IAB TCF 2.0 Functionality 
    • IAB Required Text