Osano Cookies

Osano utilizes cookies to enable the utilization of the Consent Dialog and associated features. All localStorage access and cookies set by the Osano script are done within the context of the executing page and would be considered first-party cookies. 

These cookies must be classified as essential in order for CMP to run successfully on your site. Names and descriptions can be found below for vendor Osano.

Osano utilized the following cookies: 

  • osano_consentmanager: Your consent categorization (e.g., MARKETING: ACCEPT/DENY)
  • osano_consentmanager_expdate: When the user's consent expires, and Osano needs to ask for consent again
  • osano_consentmanager_uuid: The end-users unique user id (for consent lookups)
  • usprivacy: (Deprecated - Not an Osano cookie) - IAB framework cookie for DNS. This cookie is only set if the site visitor is in the United States.