Pentland Release

Pentland Release

Osano names each product release after famous contributors in the world of privacy. For this release, our team selected Alex Pentland for his contributions to privacy rights. Learn more about Alex Pentland and why we chose him.

Here's what's new for this Pentland update on January 26th, 2021:

New features

  • DSAR Voice Forms
    • Osano now provides voice forms for DSAR customers. 
      • Voice Forms allow end-users to dial a phone number to submit DSAR requests rather than filling out the webform itself. Transcripts and recordings will be accessible alongside submissions so customers are able to ensure the accuracy of requests. 
      • For more information about this feature, see DSAR Phone Submissions
  • EU 1st Layer Categories [Available for Business, Business+, Enterprise plans]
    • By default, Osano utilizes a popup containing all opt-in categories for users accessing from the EU and other select locales. When disabled, this option counteracts this setting and turns the popup into a "Manage Preferences" popup. [For more information, see First Layer Categories | Manage Preferences.]


  • IAB TCF Localization updates.
  • IAB TCF Cookie Storage Enhancements.
  • Syntax and Translation updates on Consent Banners.
  • DSAR - Datasource Owners now have the ability to add Owners to Data Sources.

Bug Fixes

  • URL Scan and Sitemap Scan pagination fix.
  • Invalid Captcha error message handling for DSAR form submissions. 
  • Consent Manager Deletion Bug
  • Mixed Case Email Enhancements (SSO Specific).