Forms setup

A Data Requests Manager role should create forms to handle all use cases for subject rights intake.

On the Forms page click the green Add Form button at the bottom right of the page to create a new Form.

When creating a form you will be required to enter a Form Name and a Description.

On the Details tab of a Form you may update a number of fields including Email ‘From’ Name, Form Instructions, Due Date and the text that appears in completion and rejection emails to the original subject rights requestor.

The Form Fields tab of a Form comes pre-populated with suggested form fields and two required fields - Email and Request Type. Email is a legally required field while Request Type is a technical requirement for enabling workflow automation. Additional form fields can be added as desired by clicking the Add New Form Field button above the list of form fields.

The Styling tab of a Form allows you to update the styling of the form and includes the ability to embed a CSS stylesheet to further customize the form’s look and feel.

Lastly, but most importantly, is the Embed Code button located to the right of the green Save Changes button on every tab of the Form. Clicking this button displays code to link to the form hosted on AWS or display the form inline on your website. Completing form setup is as simple as inserting the code for the desired display format of the form into your website.

Once your forms have been set up you can begin to use your Subject Rights (DSAR) Workflow.