My action items

The My Action Items page is where Datastore Owners manage all outstanding action items assigned to them.

Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 4.45.25 PM

This page contains a list of all action items assigned to you along with the following details:

  • Data Store - The data store needing to be searched for customer data relevant to the request.
  • Request ID - The generated unique id for the request the action item is related to.
  • Form - The name of the form the requestor used to submit the request.
  • Request Type - The type of request e.g. Summary, Deletion, etc.
  • Status - The status of the action item.
  • Due - The date the request is due.

Clicking anywhere on an action item row will open up the Action Item Details page for the action item:

Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 4.46.27 PM

In the Request Details section you can see all the information the subject rights requestor submitted through the hosted web form along with the Request ID and Due Date.

In the Fields section you can see all the fields classified at the data store as potentially containing personal customer data. Each field includes the following details:

  • Field - The name of the field.
  • Location - The path name for the field (automated data store only).
  • Field Notes - Any notes for that field added to the data store.
  • Requested Action - The requested action for that field based on the request. Typically is the requested action given by the customer but this can be different depending on what is set at the data store as the requested action for this field for the request type e.g. in some cases data may not be able to be deleted so must be anonymized instead.
  • Action Taken - The action taken by the Datastore Owner for this field. Values include ‘Not Found, ‘Unmodified’, or ‘Completed’.
  • Internal Comments - Any comments for that field added to the action item.

Once an Action Taken has been specified for every field on the action item and saved by clicking the Save Changes button at the top right of the page, the Datastore Owner can complete the action item by clicking the Mark as Complete button also at the top right of the page.

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