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User Roles

User Roles

To see a detailed breakdown of user roles view the linked USER ROLE MATRIX.

All user roles have access to Dashboard and account settings. 

Note: You may need to refresh the page 


  • Full read/write access to all features and functionalities within the Osano platform.

Advisory Manager 

  • Has read/write access to all "Advisory" features. All other product features are not accessible to the Advisory Manager. 

Consent Manager 

  • Read/write access to “Management” -> “Consent Management.” This user can add and modify configurations but cannot DELETE configs (Only Admins can delete configurations).

Consent Viewer 

  • Read access to “Management” -> “Consent Management.” 

Data Requests Manager:

  • This role creates request forms to enable subject rights submissions on the Forms page and manages the overall status of each request on the Requests page.
    Note: Data Request Managers will require the Data Store Owner role to see and edit data elements and to assign data sources to DSAR requests.

Data Store Owner:

  • This role validates the completeness of personal data searches for in-flight requests on the My Action Items page. Read/write access to “Management” -> “Data Subject Requests” -> “Datasource Action Items,” “Data Elements,” and “Datasources.

Data Discovery Manager:

  • This role creates the data stores to be searched for personal data when a request is received on the Data Stores page and can manually search for personal data across all data stores on the People Search page.

Monitoring Manager 

  • Read/write access to all "Monitoring" features.