Using External IDs with Consent Manager

Consent Records and External IDs

Osano provides users with the appropriate plan with the ability to add their own unique identifier to gathered consent records. These records can then be searched for using this unique ID. The below steps outline the process for setting up and searching for those external IDs. 

Setting External IDs

An external user ID can be assigned to a consent record at runtime by leveraging the Osano JavaScript API. This external user ID can then be used to look up consent records in the Osano Web Application. 

The setter allows you to assign a custom external ID to a consent record. 

The setter is used in conjunction with an Osano event listener and the osano-cm-initialized event to assign an external user ID to a consent record. Additional JavaScript API documentation can be found here.'osano-cm-initialized', function(){ = 'abc123'; });

To validate abc123 is assigned to consent record:

  1. navigate to the Network tab within Developer Tools, 
  2. Select “Record”
  3. Select Request
  4. Ensure the value for key “extUsrData” is correct.

Searching for Consent Records

To search for a consent record using an External Identifier:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select Consent Management
  3. Navigate to the Consent Records tab and click the search icon.
  4. Search for a specific consent record using an external ID